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SD Card is the storage medium used by all camcorder manufacturers(except Sony) to implement flash memory technology. SD (Secure Digital) primarily comes in a 2GB variant and is used to store standard definition video. The related version used to store high definition video is called SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB variants.

Most SDHC compatible camcorders are backward compatible and also support SD cards, however not all SD Card camcorders would support SDHC.

Apart from the high storage size the best SD card camcorders also support very good write speeds of at least 6 MBps (also known as Class 6). Other speed variants include 2, 4 and 10 Mbps - known as Class 2, Class 4 and Class 10 respectively. Class 6 is typically good enough for the best SD camcorders and very few are capable of writing at Class 10 speeds.

The cutting edge of SD technology is known as SDXC - which is the latest generation of SD card technology and supports storage upto 2TB at around 300 Mbps speeds. SDXC though has seen very limited rollout till date.

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