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The best cellphones under $100 are the basic feature phones and should support some good audio with a great battery life. You can also go for subscription based schemes from most carriers which will get you some of the best smartphones at a price much below $100.

By and large at a price below $100, the buyer cannot expect much additional features. Still the cut-throat competition in the market is forcing the major companies to roll out handsets bundled with considerable features. One can expect the following features:
Bluetooth, Camera, FM Radio, Headphone Jack, Memory Card Slot, MP3 Player, Speaker Phone, Supports MP3 format, Touch screen, Video Capture, Social Network Integration.

Even though all these might seem like a lot for the money, one should not expect superior quality.

Also most cellphones below $100 phone wouldn't have a customisable OS, a proper file system, application support, latest connectivity options like Wi-Fi, 3G etc either.

One additional thing to be looked for is the build quality: the device must be sturdy. Poor build quality and plasticky design will result in inferior looks and feel after few months of use. The buyer can get costlier GSM handsets in this price range by availing a subscription based scheme from most of the carriers. Here, the handheld will be subsidised by the carrier, but you will be required to sign a long term contract with the carrier. During this period, you wouldn't be able to switch carriers for your phone.

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