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Our best digital camera for video selection is limited to cameras with the 1080p (HDTV) recording format - though look for the ones which can show HD recording directly on a HDTV using an HDMI input.

With everyday advancements in imaging technology it is now possible to do reasonable video recording with a digital still camera, that is, if your primary need is to capture high quality images with the occasional video shoot. The best digital cameras for video come with HD recording capability and can be directly viewed on a HDTV using a HDMI input. Though video resolution of a digital camera is usually lower than the image quality for still pictures, they still provide an attractive option to capture both pictures and video with a single device.

The best digital cameras for video these days support full HD recording at 1080p. Video quality gets better with more frames per second. It would also mean higher computational power and hence lower battery backup. The premium compact cameras can easily support 30fps recording which is very good for many occasions, except for sports.

Another important feature to consider is its capability to capture sound. Most video capable cameras come with a built in micro-phone but it is good to have support for external microphones. For better audio quality look for cameras that support stereo sound input and have wind filters.

Other features to look for in a video capable digital camera are,
* The maximum duration of recording, usually limited by memory card
* Video compression/encoding format supported, for eg H.264, MPEG4 or DivX recording allows longer clips to be stored on your card. should be compatible with your computers, LCD TV etc ..
* Zoom facility in video mode.
* Swivel LCD screen to capture video from difficult angles.
The best digital cameras for video have the above mentioned features and take excellent pictures as well, so they bring bang for the buck.

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