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The best DSLR cameras for sports are the advanced digital cameras with full manual controls like zoom, focus and aperture. DSLRs support manual settings much needed by creative sports photographers and photojournalists to capture the images effectively. In most of the sports, the subject to be captured is always in motion and the photographer being static to capture the action.

Some of the important and essential features the DSLR cameras for sports photography should possess are powerful zoom lens, a good optical viewfinder, auto focus, ISO and image stabilization settings, high shutter speed and good storage options.

The best DSLR cameras for sports photography support optical zoom range of up to 30x for the purpose of capturing a distant subject in the sport.
An optical viewfinder on a DSLR can be considered as a feature which makes DSLRs preferable over compact cameras: because of fact that compact cameras fail in showing accurate and real-time image of a sports photography subject which is being captured.
Autofocus helps in effective focusing of the subject and image stabilization helps in avoiding shaky images.
When you are at a sports event which is being held in a low lighting environment or during night, higher ISO settings helps avoiding the grainy image capture.
You ought to capture a burst of images not to miss any of the sports action, and most DSLR cameras allow you capture a series of photographs in burst mode at 3 fps (frames per second). To capture all these images, you also need to have a sufficient storage option to save all the photographs.

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