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The main advantage flip phones offer over traditional cellphones is that the two pieces allow for larger, more readable screens and roomier, easier-to use keypads in a compact and compressible assembly. Because the two panels connect with hinges, the result is a very compact phone that you can halve in size simply by closing it. This makes flip phones easier to carry in pockets and small bags.

With most flip phones, the speaker rests above the screen, while the microphone sits below the keypad. When the flip phone is open, this design allows for near perfect positioning with the user's ear and mouth during a phone call.

While the closing feature of a flip/clamshell phone makes it more compact and easier to carry, it also helps protect the unit from damage if dropped. The reason flip phones are more durable than others is simple; the screen and keyboard are not exposed when the unit is closed. Consequently, flip phone are much less prone to cracked or broken display screens than with traditional models. Additionally, flip phones are able to conserve power when closed because the screen draws power from the battery only when the two halves of the cellphone are in the open or extended position.

While flip phones are generally more durable than standard cellphones, that does not mean they are without their weaknesses. For instance, the hinges are the most fragile component in a flip phone and are easy to break if you're not careful. Therefore, choosing a model with sturdy, reinforced hinges is essential if you're rough on your phones or use them in inhospitable surroundings.

Most high-end flip models include a small LED display on the rear side of the display piece that displays the time and date when phone is in its closed position. The display also provides caller id functions for incoming calls, enabling you to screen numbers without opening the phone.

Although Motorola is the clear leader in the flip phone market, other players such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry produce highly-rated models as well. An abundance of leading manufacturers in the flip phone space enables you to choose models that run the gamut concerning color, style, features, and price.

Even though most flip-phones are not smartphones like Android or Windows, though we expect that the best flip-phones for 2015 should start coming in with the Android OS. This is mainly because Android OS is now coming out with configurations like 'Android Wear' which are on the outset for smart watches, but they would also work great on smaller form factor devices like flip-phones.

Samsung A997 Rugby III


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Motorola GLEAM+


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