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The best gaming notebooks feature an excelling graphics card and high efficiency for multimedia functions.

Good configuration is the first requisite to consider, and with the latest graphics cards designed for them, gamers should settle for nothing less than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M or AMD Radeon HD 6990, the top on the market. Additionally multimedia games require a good Quad processor like the Core i5, and if you are willing to stretch your budget the Intel Core i7; along with lots of RAM, say 4 GB or more and a large HDD of 500 GB.

Secondly gaming laptops are benefited from large screens, so go for one that has a 15 to 18 inch display to avail better clarity while playing. This awkward size and the fact that they generally have rather poor battery life make gaming laptops a bad bet for travellers. The best gaming notebook implements high end components and a compatible OS interface to achieve the best performance.

Buying tips to find the Best Gaming Notebook of 2014

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