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The objective behind having a home theater is exactly what it's name claims- to bring theatre home.

The reason we don't experience the dynamism of cinema audio on even the best HDTVs is because a TV's speakers are in-built and sound is dispersed from a single direction. Also many TVs do not implement good audio technology in their speakers. So this is where your HT comes in. A Home Theatre system is typically a set of at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer that deploy surround sound technology from brands like DTS and Dolby to provide a multiple dispersive effect. So a 7.1 comes with 7 full channels and 1 low frequency effects channel. Currently however, most movie soundtracks are released in the 5.1 channel and a few in 7.1 channel. Consequently, the 7.1 channel system is good enough to support the best home theatre tv systems of 2013. Note that the channels are backward compatible - so a soundtrack released on the 7.1 channel will also play as good on a 5.1 home theatre system. With distinct sound channels for stereo material, and one Low Frequency Effects speaker (also known as a subwoofer) a HT set can make the audio issuing from your TV omnipresent. These speakers can be placed around the room to get the best experience, but are capable of generating an immersive effect even when placed together.

It's not an uncommon assumption that purchasing the components of a HT system separately, makes it cheaper. However, that isn't always the case and there is always the issue of finding compatible and complementary speakers with one another and to the AVR. With a home theatre system your job is made much easier with speakers, AVR and Blu--ray players which fit each other. The best home theatre system is adaptable to the acoustics of your room and offers an easy set-up to bring you the best cinematic experience.

Moreover, Home Theatres systems come with several added advantages like DVD or Blu-ray players. With the HDMI support and A/V receiver, you can complement the dynamic sound with your HD videos on the Blu-ray player.

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