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Motorola was once the leader in global feature phone market with its famous Razr line of flip cellphones. Motorola has now ventured into the smartphone space again with its Razr brand name. At present, you could get very less number of feature phones with flip form factor and the possibility of getting a latest Motorola flip phone is still lesser. The best Motorola flip phones are attractive, sleek-looking and are affordable at very cheap prices.

Some of the best older flip phones from Motorola running on GSM and CDMA networks have been listed below which are available from various carriers and some some of them are unlocked too.

Apart from a few of the older flip models running the basic Gingerbread version of Android operating system, most of the Motorola flip cellphones run on the proprietary operating systems. Some of the top rated Motorola devices in the listing have rugged construction and are certified for for immersion in water, blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation.

Since these Motorola phones are built for usage with the help least resources, the phones grant you pretty good battery life. The camera resolutions vary between VGA and over 2 Megapixel and the phones have very little internal storage memory to store the photos and music files. Added, the phones support memory expandability via microSD.

All of the best Motorola flip phones which are currently not being manufactured are still available on online stores. We have aggregated expert reviews for all those products and showing you this list of top rated Motorola cellphones.

Buying tips to find the Best Motorola Flip Phone of 2014

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