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Sony has an excellent collection of LED TVs catering to movie buffs with large displays going up to 84", Full HD resolution and even Full HD 3D. Conventional LED TVs are prone to encounter motion lag while playing fast moving scenes, and here's where Sony does their best to satisfy movie lovers- Sony TVs implement their very own Motionflow, technology to boost the refresh rate to several times faster than that of a traditional LED TV. The result is, greater picture clarity and no motion blur even through action packed scenes. Furthermore, Sony's proprietary X-Reality Picture Engine enhances picture quality even further to achieve sharper and more vibrant images.

Sony's 3D TVs are typically Active 3D with shutter glasses to give you the pleasure of 3D content in its full intended resolution. Our list of the best Sony TVs for movies is a consensus of top rated reviews from around the web to help you make an informed decision.

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