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The best ultra-zoom cameras sport zoom lenses capable of 12x and over. This means that the user gets close to the action, but at the cost of speed and image quality. These megazooms need about 0.5 seconds for a picture. The more the zoom, the greater the shutter lag, the heavier the camera and the more the chance for camera shake when zoomed out. There is also the possibility of extra vibration pick up resulting in a noisy image. Look for ultra-zoom compacts with offsets like back-illuminated CMOS sensor that offers more speed and less noise, or check whether the extended zoom compact you are researching includes digital image stabilization, or better still, optic image stabilization.

This list of the best megazoom compact cameras is narrowed down to the compact cameras which have optical zoom 12X and over.

Buying tips to find the Best Ultra-zoom Compact Digital Camera of 2014

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