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Gaming is a much more demanding task than web browsing and therefore necessitates a higher configuration. Your 22-inch monitor needs a bunch of specifications,the most important of which are listed below.

First and foremost is your need for as low a response time as possible. Video games of today are no longer confined to slow moving scenes and most of them involve high speed action scenes, which are going to get annoyingly blurred with a high response time. Look for a monitor that has not more than 2 millisecond response time if its a TN panel and 6ms or less if it is an IPS panel.

Speaking of panels, your choice lies between IPS and TN both of which have their own advantages. IPS panels are not ideal for gamers although they have superior contrasts and wide viewing angles because video gaming hardly requires wide viewing range. IPS panels have slower response time by comparison and around 6ms is about the best you can get. TN panels, on the other hand, do not deliver a very vibrant or high contrast picture and also offer poor viewing angles. Nevertheless, this is still the panel we recommend for your 22 inch monitor. TN panels have such superbly fast response time that 2ms is quite customary.

Next, choose a 22-inch LED backlit LCD monitor if you can afford it. LED backlighting for the display can get you better picture quality than the traditional LCD monitors and also better power savings.

High Definition is another priority, but is sort of the norm now as almost all the latest monitors come with HD resolution. It is best to get a 22-inch monitor with 1080p resolution since gaming is typically HD today.

The best 22-inch gaming monitors are available from Asus and Viewsonic and are available below with specs and price options.

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