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Flat panel monitors have successfully replaced the erstwhile monitors using cathode ray tube technology (CRT) everywhere. Opting for flat panel monitors would be beneficial for several reasons. They are more reliable, clear, compact, lightweight, portable, cheap and easier on the eyes than CRTs. Even though flat panels tended to have lower viewing angles and response times than CRT's, flat panels were preferred because, they held advantages like space and power saving, and clear digital picture quality factors. The latest monitors possess even faster response times and increased viewing angles, vital for gaming and video editing. The latest 3D technology could only be implemented on flat panel displays, hence you could also look for 3D flat panel monitors.

The basic types of technologies based on the type of the panel used are Plasma, LCD and LED. Choose the best flat panel display monitors with either Plasma, LCD or LED panels from our best product listing. Some of the important factors to consider before buying the best flat panel monitor are the panel type, resolution, screen size, contrast ratio and brightness.

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