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The best cellphones with 4G need to have a great battery life because most of the 4G capabilities consume a lot of battery.

4G is the latest standard for mobile telecommunication. It uses faster chipsets in phones, more advanced antennas, secure IP based connection etc among other improvements. The average speed of 4G networks is expected to be about twice that of 3G i.e. 1.5 mbps. 4G networks are presently under development and also number of supporting smartphones is comparatively low.

Many US carriers are branding 3G transitional based technologies as 4G, but these may not necessarily meet the criteria specified. Based on independent speed tests conducted in locations across the US taking into account coverage, download, upload and web loading speed, the 4G LTE technology presently being used by Verizon has proven to be much faster than other types of 4G.

Another important factor to consider while buying 3G/4G phones is the battery life. Since these features consume much power, there is a possibility for battery drain. So make sure the smartphone you are planning to buy has sufficient battery life to keep you going for at least a day.

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