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With the rampant advances in television technology these days, LED TVs are currently the best TVs that money can buy, not only on account of their superior picture quality but also because they're the least power hungry models on the market. 55" LED TVs come in two kinds depending on the kind of backlit panel they use and are called Direct/Full Array lit LED TVs or Edge lit LED TVs, and before getting on to selecting from the various features available, you had better better decide between the two. To understand Edge lit and Direct lit LED better, visit our Best 32" LED TV page.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of backlit you want and the screen size you need, you're almost at the end of your LED TV hunt. You don't have to be concerned about the HD resolution factor since all LED TVs are in effect Full HD TVs with resolutions of 720p or higher, and a 55" panel generally doesn't play out the difference between 720p and 1080p all that significantly. What you do need to ponder about however, is whether you want a 3D TV, a 3D-Ready, a SmartTV or simply a good quality HDTV.

Leading companies like Samsung, Sony and LG offer almost similar feature options with nuances in quality. In general, look for good response time (the lower the better), 178 degree viewing angle and HDMI ports while you browse through our listing for the best 50" LED TVs to note the features that appeal to you.

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