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CDMA is one of the widely deployed network technologies in US with most carriers implementing it. The best CDMA phones come locked with yearly or monthly contact, or pay-as-you-go plans and hence unlike the GSM cellphones, CDMA cellphones doesn't use SIM card. CDMA being the most dominant network technology in the US, some of the major CDMA carriers like Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular, which support high quality voice and data transmission services.

The cellphones running on CDMA network are known for their secured and multi conversational channels. The advantage of opting a CDMA network is that it offers wide coverage along with the effective communication capabilities. Longer battery life (energy efficient), enhanced sound, reduced noise and interference are among the other advantages.

Since CDMA uses a bunch of network technologies, it is also one of the 3G network standards contrary to the 2G's GSM technology. And as a competitor to the existing GSM network technology, CDMA supports high speed data transmission at 3G speeds which is the most important feature available from the best CDMA smartphones.

Even though the cellphones running on CDMA network doesn't support international roaming, the best CDMA phones can be opted by those who travel with in the US and need wide coverage in most remote parts also.

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