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The best smartphones for doctors excel in their efficiency in managing intensive application usage, display and camera quality.

With doctors needing to videotape operations or carry out extensive research, smartphones have become a requisite for the medical community today. Moreover, medical interns frequently need to download volumes of material as well as manage documents, and consequently, the smartphone needs a high end processor of at least 1.4 GZ; along with a competent operating system, like Android or Apple, which provide the best support for demanding applications. It would be all the more beneficial if you could get a touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard fitted into it in a slide-phone form, as these are much easier to type emails and documents on.

In addition, bear in mind that doctors frequently need to take and view detailed photographs and videos for their profession, which entails the need for a high definition screen of 720x1280 resolution; and a camera of at least 6 megapixel, also capable of HD recording.

Furthermore, the best cell phones for doctors also integrate a good GPS to help them navigate their their sundry visits to patients' homes.

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