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The best cellphones under $300 are some of the best smartphones in the market. Specifically looks for larger and criper displays, great processing power and good camera support.

Your best at a sub-$300 price point are some of the latest Android phones. With the latest releases of the Android operation system, Google has optimized their software to run on phones with lower processing power also. Combined with the fact that phone hardware is becoming cheaper by the day, 2015 is probably the time when the sub-$300 smartphone has come of age and can probably offer you some of the most capable smartphones out there.

Cellphones under $300 offer some of the great features found in the best cellphones in the market today. These include larger and crisper displays (AMOLED etc) with super 5 inch screens and great resolutions in excess of 250 PPI. Also on the offer will be higher processing power with multiple cores. Expect the best smartphones under $300 for 2015 to routinely hit the quad core mark. Under 300 dollars is also a great price point to look for camera phones having single or dual LED flash for good quality photos.

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