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The best party pics are casual, sporty and spontaneous. The best camera should ideally be easy to carry around with fast response times and a great flash. Our selection of the best cameras for party pictures include the light weight cameras which have fast response times (atleast 3 frames per second.

Since you will be shooting a lot indoors, this means you must pick a camera that has very good flash and white balance control with automatic settings for a variety of lighting situation. Sometimes it is better to increase the ISO setting instead of using a flash, so look for a camera that can give good picture quality (and less noise) at higher ISO levels. If you are a serious party photographer you can also check out accessories like flash diffuser along with your camera.

Lower lighting also means slower shutter speed and wider aperture. The best cameras for party pictures come with good image stabilization feature and will complement photos taken at slower shutter speed.You want your party pictures to be fun and capturing some candid moments, not as a group of people posing for pictures. Point and shoot cameras will be ideal for the purpose.

Parties are great places to capture spontaneous expressions and the best way to capture them is by shooting in continuous mode (or burst mode). There are point and shoot cameras with configurable frames per second and duration of the burst. The best cameras for party photos also come with twist-able LCD panel and good video capabilities which can help to capture some great moments.

Check out our list of best cameras for party, top rated by some of the best digital camera reviewers around the web.

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