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The best cameras under 450 dollar accommodates some of the better advanced compact cameras in the market today. Also available sub-$450 are the micro-four thirds cameras and some entry-level interchangeable lens cameras (ILC's) like the Samsung NX100.

The higher end digital compacts which are often the best cameras under 450 run the gamut of features from a high megapixel count, powerful optical zooms, HD video recording capability and sophisticated optical image stabilization features to reduce camera blur. You can typically aim for d-SLR like output quality with all the manual controls and portability for the on-the-go traveler, all at the price of a premium compact camera.

Also available in the sub- $450 range are the latest in bridge cameras, i.e Interchangeable lens cameras (ILC's) which are heating up the market these days. If you have outgrown the limited features on offer in your standard point-and-shoot but don't want to tote around the extra bulk of a d-SLR you can consider these cameras targeted at the serious enthusiasts category.

Priced at a premium of more than $400 , the ILC cameras offer more sophisticated features than the average point-and-shoot with flexibility to change lenses etc, but are significantly less bulky than the d-SLR's and provide good quality images. The entry level mirrorless cameras use the micro Four-thirds sensor (as in the Panasonic models) also used in entry-level d-SLR's. Some of the larger sensors like APS-C sized sensor are used in best quality image cameras.

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