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Our list of best interchangeable-lens digital cameras is the combination of compact system cameras (mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras) and the professional DSLR cameras. With the inclusion of many helpful manual controls, the interchangeable lens cameras offer much better performance when compared to point and shoot compact cameras. The cameras not using mirror system are found to be much less bulkier than the SLR cameras with mirror system.

Interchangeable lens cameras allow you to change the lens as per the particular situation and photographic need while composing a shot. On purchasing a latest digital camera now, may seem outdated after some time, and purchasing of a interchangeable lens camera gives you the freedom of upgrading to a higher quality lens in the future.

The best professional DSLR cameras are the perfect interchangeable lens cameras with the power and flexibility of full manual controls at hefty price tags. Check out our buying guide for the professional DSLR cameras.

Compact system cameras:
The best compact system cameras offer flexibility along with attractive characteristics of portability and versatility. Without sacrificing the portability, these mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras cater amateurs and professionals needs filling the gap between point and shoot compact cameras and the professional DSLRs. Because of the mirror elimination in the compact system cameras, there can be a significant reduction in its size of the camera, making them more pocketable pocket.

Check out our list of best interchangeable lens digital camera top rated by some of the best digital camera reviewers around the web.

Canon EOS 760D


1. Canon EOS 760D    $849 - $1,273

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II


2. Olympus OM-D E-M10 II    $599 - $800

Fujifilm X-T10


3. Fujifilm X-T10    $699 - $1,700

Nikon D7200


4. Nikon D7200    $1,097 - $3,794

Sony A7 II


5. Sony A7 II    $1,698 - $1,998

Buying tips to find the Best Interchangeable-lens Digital Camera of 2015

The best mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with their sleeker and slimmer form factors and dSLR-like image quality are carving out a niche in the digital camera market and are all set to increase their share of the pie in the future.

The mirrorless cameras were originally available as the micro four thirds system from Panasonic and Olympus, using the four thirds sensor. Samsung and Sony use the more advanced APS-C sized sensor also used in dSLR's which promises top notch picture quality. Of late Nikon has also jumped on to the ILC bandwagon. The best interchangeable lens cameras offer an attractive proposition for the amateur hobbyist who wants to delve into some serious photography but balks at the idea of carrying a heavy dSLR. For eg the SONY NEX series is touted as the world's smallest ILC cameras.

However there are some caveats in some of the models which may put off more serious photo enthusiasts. Primarily they are the lack of optical viewfinder, in-built flash and proprietary lens mount(as in the case of Sony and Samsung).

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