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The best Professional dSLR cameras are the interchangeable lens cameras which guarantee the best picture quality, the highest picture resolution at amazing shutter speeds and full frame sensors for capturing the most vivid details and hues. However, the imaging powerhouse pro-dSLR is certainly a heavy investment, considering that they don't come cheap with a price tag of $1000 - $3000. And that is for the body alone, you need to dig deeper into your pocket for the lenses and accessories.

When you have decided to take your hobby or passion to the next level and turn pro it's time to go for the best professional DSLRs in the market. But all said and done, the best professional top dSLRs for 2013 are top-of-the line cameras which offer unmatched image quality with some cutting-edge technology features and complete manual control to the photographer, whether it is a portrait, sports or action photogrpahy, making them the best DSLR cameras of the day.

The best DSLR cameras of 2013 have sophisticated auto focus systems when required. The performance is exemplary with burst rates of 110 or more and continuous shooting modes of 10fps or higher. They are sturdier, heavier and more rugged that the consumer dSLR's to withstand extreme conditions. And the best professional dSLR camera models have dust sensors with automated cleaning for better protection.

The pro camera market is dominated by the heavyweights Canon and Nikon who have multiple offerings for every niche segment such as wildlife, adventure, low-light photography etc. and together comprise some of the best cameras of 2013. Olympus and Sony too have some pretty competitive models. Also, check out our list of best cheap DSLR cameras.

The product listing below is also a subset of best SLR cameras, which find usage by professional photogrphers.

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