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Sports/Action Photography is characterized by the use of specific cameras for action pictures which have a fast shutter speed and great image stabilization so that your images don't come out blurred. The best suited are generally digital SLR's, but expect to spend a lot more on a good lenses. Our selection of the best cameras for action shots for 2015 are limited to the DSLR's which can take pictures at a rapid pace (atleast 3 frames per second).

The best sports/Action photography cameras are equipped with the following key features that are critical to capture superior shots in motion.

Excellent focusing
Best sports action cameras need to be able to focus fast to keep moving objects in focus either using auto focus or manual focus using the lens ring. Also the AF needs to perform well in low light conditions.

Continuous mode shooting
Continuous or burst mode allows for capturing a series of shots in quick succession so that you can choose the sharpest. Typically cameras come with burst mode of 3 fps (frames per second). The best digital cameras for sports can go up to 10 fps. For the best action photos, you need to be able to click at the right moment and also freeze the action, meaning a picture with very minimal blur.

ISO performance
The best sports action camera needs to perform well at high ISO's. Since sensitivity to light is greater at higher ISO's a high ISO setting is required to use the fastest shutter speed.

Faster lens
A faster lens is more sensitive to light. Typically lens of 2.8 or below is used for sports photography

If your budget for sports photography doesn't allow for a DSLR, you can go for one of the latest megazoom models which have pretty good image stabilization and perform well at high ISOs.

Canon EOS 760D


1. Canon EOS 760D    $849 - $1,273

Leica Q (Typ 116)


2. Leica Q (Typ 116)    $4,250 - $5,970

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II


3. Olympus OM-D E-M10 II    $599 - $800

Fujifilm X-T10


4. Fujifilm X-T10    $699 - $1,700

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV


5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV    $870 - $1,000

Buying tips to find the Best Action Shots Digital Camera of 2015

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