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This selection of best easy to use cameras is characterized by intuitive menus, easy handling and accessible controls for the most common operations. We limit our selection of the best cameras for ease of use to some of the lighter ones which also have a bigger LCD screen sizes(grater than 3 inch).

Beginners using their first digital camera as well as casual photographers do not want to be bogged down by cumbersome controls and confusing menu options. You would rather just like to point, frame and click to capture your memorable moments. The best cameras for ease of use these days are geared towards simple intuitive interfaces. For eg, Canon with their Powershot range and Kodak with their EasyShare range stress on ease of use and are thus very popular with newbies and as a family camera as well. And now since touchscreen interfaces are making their way to most electronics gadgets many of the camera makers have hopped on to the touchscreen bandwagon. But reactions to touchscreen interfaces for digital cameras are mixed as serious photo enthusiasts still prefer the manual controls as they are more accessible while framing and clicking pictures.

This list of best user-friendly digital cameras achieve a good balance between touchscreen and manual buttons and controls for a overall pleasant user experience.

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