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The best cameras for interiors need to cater to low light conditions and the capability to take wide angle shots. The need for wide-angle shots means that your standard point-and-shoot just won't do. dSLR's are the best option for interiors and have also recently become that much more affordable. In our selection for the best digital cameras for interiors we include the DSLR's which support a high ISO shooting option (atleast 1000 ISO).

You need to be able to capture more of the room in your shot and also work with less light, since flash is not desirable. The need for wide-angle shots means that your standard point-and-shoot will not suffice. It is best to go for a dSLR with a wide-angle lens. They are great for shots of interiors and buildings and have become more affordable.

The best digital cameras for interiors should be equipped with a lens of at least 24mm which translates to 18mm or less with the cropping factor of a dSLR. If you are on a shoestring budget however, a wide-angle compact or a compact with a wide-angle converter can do. There are some ultra-wide angle compact cameras available in the market today which are decent with interior shots, like for eg the TL500 from Samsung or LX5 from Panasonic.

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