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The best cameras for travel need to satisfy two constraints. Firstly, they need to be lightweight and compact so that they are convenient to carry around. Secondly, they need to be able to take good pictures of distant objects - which implies at least 10x optical zoom and great image stabilization. Also, the best small travel cameras come very handy to support portability.

For the adventurous kind, a weatherproof, shockproof model would fit the bill. The best digital cameras for vacations come with decent optical zooms to capture those stunning landscapes. Travel megazooms come with more wide angle range which helps to capture panaroma shots. Many compact cameras provide Panaroma modes where a series of shots can be joined to create a wide angle scene. The other must-have feature in the best travel cameras available today is built-in GPS.

A point and shoot camera is typically the perfect fit for taking on vacations as they are easy to carry around, typically use easily available AA batteries and are user-friendly, so can be used by the whole family while on vacation.

If you are a travel freak and keen on capturing the essence of a city with it's historical monuments, museums etc then of course an entry-level dSLR or even the more compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera or micro four-thirds camera is ideal.

Our selection of the best cameras for taking on vacations includes the lighter options which support atleast a 10x optical zoom.

Check out our list of good travel cameras top rated by some of the best camera reviewers around the web.

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