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The best cameras for low light selection includes those with a big sensor size (atleast 10 mm) and capable of high ISO shooting (atleast 1000 ISO). The best cameras for low light are the ones which work best on higher ISO's. ISO measures your cameras sensitivity to light - the higher you can go on your ISO rating the lower you can go on your lighting. Our list of some of the best cameras ever for 2015 also deal with capturing photographs in very low light.

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Most compacts and ultra-compacts perform well in normal lighting for their price, but are not the best and tend to sputter when it comes to low light and night photography at higher ISO's with a lot of grainy images.

The standard point and shoot model performs well till ISO's of 400. If you are looking at taking a lot of indoors or night photos as in museums or concerts etc. then you need to invest in a high end compact or a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera which performs well at ISOs 800 and above.

The best digital cameras for low light conditions have larger sensors and better lenses which handle more light and have a higher dynamic range. Many of the high-end compacts perform well in low light as well as the new mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras which are more sophisticated with larger sensors. However they are more bulky than the ultracompacts, since lightweight cameras do not perform well in low light as they tend to shake. You can also never go wrong with a dSLR which has better sensors and a host of manual settings for better night photography shots.

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