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Portrait photography is the photography of capturing a person or a group of people in a frame usually focussing them specifically as a subject. Our list of best digital cameras for portraits are the professional DSLR cameras which give you the access of controlling various settings like aperture and ISO.

DSLRs are usually the best for Portrait photography. The key here is to get a great lens. Go for a 50mm f/1.4 lens for a good/expensive option or settle for a cheaper 15-55mm option. The best digital cameras for portraits are the best portrait DSLRs those which have a narrower depth of field so that the subject is sharp and the background is blurred.

Tuning the depth of field as per the required sharpness of the photograph definitely needs adjusting the aperture. Setting right focus using aperture setting also helps you highlight every detail of your portrait photograph and setting a right ISO helps you capture no-noise images. And choosing a greater resolution camera is good for taking prints of your photographs.

Also it is important to have a decent zoom lens to capture from a distance since pictures taken from very close tend to distort some facial features especially the nose. The best digital cameras for portraits have a faster shutter speed to capture expressions of people and is especially helpful when you are taking pictures of kids or pets etc or for street photography. If you prefer a compact camera, then most of the compact cameras come with a Portrait autofocus mode.

The portrait photographs are famous with the photographers who capture them in passport format, and with the other professionals who photograph various people in portrait format.

Some of the best portrait digital cameras are available under the $800 price range from the brands like Nikon, Canon and Sony with a camera resolution of at least 14 Megapixel and HD video recording capability.

Check out our list of best camera for portraits top rated by some of the best camera reviewers.

Pentax K-3 SLR Camera - Body Only


1. Pentax K-3    $630 - $1,700

Nikon D610 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)


2. Nikon D610    $2,500

Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera


3. Nikon D5300    $647 - $997

Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP Digital SLR Camera


4. Canon EOS 70D    $999 - $1,448

Canon EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i) Digital Camera


5. Canon EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i)    $649

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