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Canon cameras are well known for its user interface, ergonomics (even its point and shoot cameras are handy to hold), optics and performance. The best digital cameras from Canon are powered by the latest generation of DIGIC processors which handles the imaging functions and provides a superior performance.

Canon is one of the powerhouse brands in digital camera technology. It has invented many products and spawned entire market segments. As a well rounded camera maker, they are one of the few who does inhouse design and manufacture of lens for its cameras. Whether it is the Powershot series of compact cameras for consumers, or the Rebel series of dSLR's for amateurs or the MARK dSLR series for professionals, the best Canon cameras cater to an entire spectrum of users.

The best Canon digital cameras feature on any best digital camera list and they have been setting the benchmark for excellent quality digital cameras for a while now. One of the greatest advantages from Canon is the wide range of cameras suitable for many age groups and for any type of photography.

Canon has a significant command in Digital SLR market where they have maintained a No.1 or No.2 position since they introduced their first fully homegrown model, EOS 30D and EOS 300D. Canon today offers a wide range of digital SLR models from the entry level to the high end professional ones which includes both APS-C and full frame bodies. All their cameras use in-house sensors. In the compact camera segment, the PowerShot series are hugely popular. In the megazoom and premium compact segment the S-series models are creating waves.

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