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The best cheap DSLR cameras are the entry level and low-end DSLRs for prosumers and other amateurs/professional photographers, available at the prices as low as $600. Some of the entry-level DSLRs are also the compact interchangeable lens cameras designed to support portability and versatility. The photographers on a tight budget can afford these inexpensive DSLRs without compromising on the advanced features.

Because of the lesser price tag on the cheap DSLR cameras, you could sometimes get lesser controls or even just body of the camera without the lenses. Even though being simple to use and implementing lesser quality lens, the best cheap DSLR cameras won't compromise on image quality and the versatility. These best price DSLR cameras are most preferred by the enthusiast photographers who are willing to upgrade from their point and shoot compact cameras.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a cheap (or any) DSLR is the interchangeability of the camera lens. This interchangeability always allows you to buy a brand new lens for your existing camera and, or sometimes allowing you to upgrade to a more advanced camera retaining the lens of your older camera.

Our list of best price DSLR cameras feature preset shooting modes and many other useful features on intuitive interfaces - which some of them are built in compact designs. Beginners who are yet getting used to the manual settings find helpful usage of the preset modes found in these digital cameras.

Available features: Our list of best DSLR cameras for money, have a resolution of up to 18 and 20 Megapixels. Being lesser expensive, these digital cameras implement comparatively lesser size (APS-C) sensors than the mainstream and expensive DSLRs and also support a lesser range of ISO settings for low light performance. And for video capturing, cheaper DSLRs listed below can capture videos of 720p and 1080p (HD and full HD) resolution at up to 3 fps (frames per second).

Check out our list of best DSLR cameras for money, top rated by some of the best digital camera reviewers around the web. Browse product lines such as Coolpix (from Nikon), Lumix (from Panasonic), Powershot (from Canon) and Cybershot (from Sony) for the cameras which support your photography needs at low prices.

Pentax K-3 SLR Camera - Body Only


1. Pentax K-3    $630 - $1,700

Pentax K-3 lens kit w/ 18-135mm WR 24MP SLR Camera


2. Pentax K-3    $630 - $1,700

Nikon D610 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)


3. Nikon D610    $2,500

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