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The best cameras in the 700$ price point are the interchangeable lens cameras, the micro four thirds camera platform as well as the entry level d-SLRs.

The mirror-less cameras are at the cutting edge of digital photography. They act as bridge cameras between the point-and-shoot and the dSLRs. If you want the flexibility of multiple lenses and full manual controls but a slimmer form factor than the bulky dSLR's then the ILC cameras or the micro four thirds cameras provide good options. Though these cameras are sans mirror boxes and through-the-lens viewfinders of d-SLR's ,the image quality is impressive. Sony and Samsung have heated up the market with their offerings which are ultra-compact and have the APS-C sized sensor used in d-SLR's.

One of the things to consider while going for a mirror-less camera is the presence of the optical viewfinder needed for continuous shooting modes, used for capturing action shots.

Also available in the sub- 700$ range are some of the entry level dSLR's, like those from Nikon and Canon. Though for this price only the camera body is included and you need to shell out more for the lens and external flash etc. The beginner dSLR models from Canon and Nikon have a nice mix of auto and manual modes which help for a smooth transition for beginners from the point-and-shoot cameras. Nikon also offers a Guide mode similar to a on-screen help for SLR newbies.

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