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The best digital printers achieve photo-like prints by implementing either of the two printing technology like Inkjet and dye-sublimation and are some of the best photo printers of 2013.

Dye-sub, the less popular of the two uses a heating procedure to mix colours on a specially coated paper which gives a continuous tone. The protective layer added over the dyes prevents smudging and blotching after printing. Dye-subs utilize printing media that are brand specific and are used in consumer compact photo printers.

Inkjet technology currently dominates the digital printing sphere, and uses a printhead to spray distinct colours in miniscule droplets onto a specially coated paper, with such precision that though the colours aren't really mixed on the paper, they still produce sharp, accurate and vibrant images.

Available in a gamut of types these printers go from low end models capable of printing A4 (8.5 inch-wide) sheets, to the more professional models which can print A3 (11X17), super A3 (13X19) and A2 (17X22) sizes.

Furthermore, these higher end models offer other advantages like being equipped for printing on a variety of media like thicker and heavy art paper; and the best digital photo printers are also more economical in the long run (purchase price aside), since their cartridges are pretty large and don't need frequent replacements.

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