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The best GPS for international travel must be furnished with plenty of inbuilt maps support a good number of waypoints, possess long battery life and good storage.

The best GPS for tourists makes sure you don't miss out on tourist attractions and other interesting places and must comprise which has built-in maps with extensive country coverage and also admits you to upload third party maps of your choice.

Tomtom and Garmin devices are typically the best for international travel since both provide maps of several countries, either built-in, or for purchase separately and also support maps from a third party. Garmin's country coverage eclipses that of Tomtom and covers the maximum regions in the world, but their individual maps have a smaller coverage than Tomtom maps. So for any given country, you might need to purchase more number of maps than you would with a Tomtom unit.

Waypoints are points of interest fixed personally by you before or during your journey to help you pave your route and the best international travel GPS should be capable of storing around 1000 waypoints.

You could also look for atleast 10-12 hours of running battery life, and an SD slot and a USB port to hold/transfer maps. Note that most international GPS devices are on the bulkier side due to their extensive feature support so if you have restriction on the weight and size, a good handheld GPS would do, provided it supports international mapping facilities.

Buying tips to find the Best GPS Device For International Travel of 2014

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