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The first thing you need to consider when looking out for an amazing pocket camcorder is the image quality. The perfect device should be able to capture full 1080p HD video in a variety of frame rates. It should also have certain interesting features like on-board upload as well as viewing software and should be easy to use.

Some of the best pocket camcorders in the market today admirably prove the dictum 'small is beautiful'. Since such devices see competition from mobile handsets, manufacturers put in advanced technology, in a compact package, and set the price competitive too, so that it is near-easy for you to select a great pocket camcorder. The best-in-class pocket camcorders feature full 1920x1080p HD MP4 video, multi-mode recording formats (like AVC, AVCHD, NTSC), capability to take very high resolution still shots, capacitive touch-screen, integrated software that makes sharing a breeze, and over 8GB of internal memory.

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