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How To Choose the Best Top Loading Washer
When it's time to purchase laundry equipment, there are several things to consider:
. Washer capacity
. Energy efficiency
. User-friendly technical features

Washer capacity is determined by regular wash load volume, as well as large items like comforters, blankets and drapes. Look for a washer that will accommodate small, medium and large loads. Check the washer manual for specific information on the weight ranges of laundry loads for each load level.

Energy efficiency is also a consideration, especially if laundry is done more than once or twice a week in a household. To save energy, consider doing laundry at non-peak hours. Review peak hours with a local energy utility. Most washers sold are labeled with specific energy efficiency information.

User-friendly Technical Features
The best top loading washer should offer maximum convenience when in use. For instance, a digital panel with a touch pad is faster to use than a revolving knob. Other technical features for the best top loading washer might also include an alarm or buzzer that sounds when the wash cycle is finished. A top loading washer might also include a special automatic spring lock for safety when the machine is in operation. This prevents children and pets from gaining internal access. Other nice features for the best top loading washer are a lighted door panel and an automatic detergent and fabric softener dispenser. The lighted door panel improves visibility when loading the washer. The automatic dispenser allows laundry products to be inserted into the dispenser and dispensed at the appropriate point in the wash cycle.

Heavy Duty Top Loading Washers
Although some top loading washers may be labeled "heavy duty", not all live up to their label. A heavy duty top loading washer should perform normal and heavy wash loads with equal efficiency. To learn whether a chosen top loading washer is heavy duty, take note of the sturdiness of the machine. Tap the exterior of machine walls. The resulting sound should be somewhat dense. Next, check the type of agitator and the materials of manufacture. Look for heavy-duty, rigid polyvinyl that will stand up to long term use. The washer's internal tub should also be manufactured for top performance. A less dense metal tub will inevitably wear after a few years. The washer should be sold with a warranty on parts and service. Be sure to review the warranty before buying.

Speed Queen AWN542 Top Load Washer


1. Speed Queen AWN542   

Haier RWT350AW


2. Haier RWT350AW   

Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs Washer


3. Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs    $180

Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine


4. Danby DWM17WDB    $353

LG WT5070CW  4.7 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer


5. LG Wave WT5070CW   

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