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Low LCD response time is the most important feature behind the best hdtvs for gaming.

LCD response time refers to the amount of time each pixel in a monitor takes to go from totally switched on (brightest white) to totally switched off (darkest black) and back. Response time is measured in milliseconds and the lower the response time the better the display performs during times of rapid screen refresh - like in fast moving gaming scenarios. On the other hand, a higher response time results in visible image artifacts during such scenes and are clearly undesirable.

Typically, Plasma HDTV's perform best for gaming as they generally have a response time of around 4 ms or less which is much less compared to LED or LCD HDTVs. The low response time for Plasma HDTV's is purely because Plasma does not use a back-lighting technology for the liquid display and instead relies on self-emissive phosphors to create the display. However more recent LED HDTVs offer a comparable response time to Plasma HDTVs.

This ReviewGist list of the best flat panel hdtv list for gaming consists of only those flat panel tvs which have an LCD response time of 6 ms or less.

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