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The best unlocked phones allow you to use your cell phone with flexible plans and help you to communicate more efficiently by allowing you change the SIM card. You cannot buy an unlocked cell phone through a service provider but you could easily buy them from online stores or some third party retail outlets.

If you use an unlocked cell phone, you would be have the freedom to select your favorite service operator's SIM based on the available plans. By using unlocked cell phones, you can also change your SIM card anytime. Especially when you are travelling, you can change your local SIM card to save roaming costs.

Since service providers grant you a discount while buying a cell phone with a contract, the unlocked ones are comparatively costlier. You could get most of the latest cell phone models (GSM) unlocked, including CDMA and smart phones.

Smartphone brands like HTC, Samsung and LG are what dominate the reviews for the best unlocked phones today.

Buying tips to find the Best Unlocked Cell Phone of 2014

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