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A 3CCD camcorder uses three sensors in place of a single sensor to more exactly capture and present the original colours. In general, the resolution of images and video from 3CCD camcorders is superior to the average single-chip devices. With more optical elements, the best 3CCD camcorders are therefore priced higher.

Look for a video camcorder that offers superior image quality and is easy to handle. Look deeper for such features as wide-angle lens, good selection of manual controls, effective image stabiliser, good zoom range, good audio recording features, enough storage and even 3D filming. Some of the top-rated 3CCD camcorders use progressive method for recording video, which experts certify as a better method than the more common interlaced method.

The best 3CCD camcorders are often the professional video camcorders at price range of around $3000-$5000. Due to better optics these are great options for independent filmmaking and low light photography. Most come with Hard disk drive storage and big LCD panels for easy handling.

Buying tips to find the Best 3CCD Camcorder of 2014 - 2015

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