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Like the generic DVD players, sometimes, the Blu-ray Disc players available in a specific geographical region are manufactured to play only the discs authorized by the content (including movies and games) provider for that region.

The content providers follow this method of encoding Blu-Ray discs to a particular region to do effective price differentiation between regions.

Majority of the Blu-ray Discs from the content providers are region-free and can be played on any Blu-ray Disc player, in any region.

Among the others, to make sure if the Blu-Ray player plays discs of all regions, the players with the codes A, B and C marked on them should be chosen.

Some of the best region-free Blu-ray players can be bought from brands such as Toshiba, Sony and Philips for mostly under the $200 price range.

Check out more information about region codes at the footer below.

Buying tips to find the Best Blu-Ray Players For All Regions of 2014

Region codeRegion
AIncludes most North, Central and South American countries and Southeast Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Korea
BIncludes most European and Middle Eastern countries, all of Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
CIncludes the remaining central and south Asian countries, as well as China, India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

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