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The best cell phones for gaming excel in their processing power and display quality, and implement the best platforms for gaming.

Gaming cellphones require a substantial 3.5 to 5 inch display size and high definition screen resolution of 720x1280 to match the vibrant picture quality of present-day video games. Nonetheless, avid gaming enthusiasts might find less satisfaction while playing on a touchscreen. In addition, most of higher end games today are pretty demanding and require at least a dual core, 1GHz processor along with 1 GB RAM. Sony's playstation Phone is the exemplar of best gaming cell phones and incorporates the ideal gaming hardware: a complete panel of buttons, encased in a slide-phone, giving you a semblance of gaming on a computer, as opposed to a touchscreen.

Furthermore, the operating system you choose is perhaps the most crucial element of consideration and currently gaming studios are focusing mainly on developing for Android and iOS. Consequently our list of best cellphones for gaming comprises Android and Apple devices with powerful processors and dynamic screens for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

Check out our list of best gaming phones, top rated by some of the best cellphone reviewers.

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