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The best cell phones for kids specialize in basic features which give children the advantage of being in touch with the parents. If you think your child is likely to misplace his phone or forget it on the bus, opt for a relatively cheaper model and invest in a cell phone insurance plan. Our list of such cheap phones are available under $100 price range.

Today's market has a few extremely basic mobiles, ideal for kids under 8 years of age, which have only the very basic capabilities like receiving calls and making calls for only selected personal numbers. Alternatively, there are very good feature phones to select from, which are actually the best cellphones for kids: so freeze on a phone that only has features you wouldn't mind them playing around with, like texting, picture messaging etc.

Furthermore, several carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile implement features which allow you to keep tabs on all that your child is doing with his/her mobile; and Verizon's family locator is a full-featured parental control service, enabling you to track family members, block or filter internet sites, blacklist contacts, curtail photo transfers and even administer time usage.

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