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The best cell phones for texting provide a dedicated keyboard and high end processor for typing convenience and speed.

Several mobiles today are fitted with a QWERTY keypad to enhance typing ease although they only ease your typing comfort and accuracy if the keys are sufficiently sized for your fingers. Some cell phones possess a QWERTY keyboard exclusively as the keypad while other many smartphones are integrated with the QWERTY as the secondary keypad option with a touch screen as the main one.

Touch screens too can serve as pretty decent options for high speed texting requirements as long as you have a fast processor to support your typing speed. Touch screen phones are available with virtual QWERTY keyboards as well as without; nevertheless, they're typically a second option to regular keypads with regard to texting ease.

Alternatively, if you've got a budget restraint, you could also opt for a regular feature phone while ensuring that the keypad size is ample with large enough keys to permit swift typing. The best cell phones for texting enhance messaging experience via a nimble texting interface.

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