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The best cellphones for watching movies combines a good processor and screen resolution with wide media compatibility, to give you the liberty to watch any video you please.

Cell phones require a substantial 3.5 inch screen at least with high definition resolution if they are to provide movie watching satisfaction. Most of the higher end smart phones today have excellent 720p HD and are capable of playing amazing videos; however, anything above 720p would be scaled down, so Full HD movies can't really be viewed in their naturally intended quality. So if you're extremely fastidious about watching Full HD movies as they are meant to be seen, you'd have to make sure you purchase a phone that has 1080p screen resolution. Currently the market has rather few options of the kind, with HTC's Butterfly stealing the show; and Samsung has been rumoured to be on the verge of releasing its first Full HD cellphone pretty soon.

Apart from the display aspects, there are certain other key factors that qualify a phone as good for movies; such as the file formats they're compatible with; and most smartphones are capable of playing MP4 and H.264 formats. Since several movies and videos come in other file types its best to opt for a cell that allows you the freedom to view a broader range of video formats. Higher end models come with the capability to play DivX and DivD and the best cellphones for watching movies implement an MKV media container that removes all format restrictions and permits you to run any codex and play any movie you please.

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