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The best cameras under $800 sit between the advanced ILC (interchangeable lens cameras) and the entry level dSLR's. If you have progressed from the compact point-and-shoot cameras and want to enjoy the flexibility of shooting with multiple lenses and various attachments then you have a wide range of options to choose from if you are looking for the best under $800.

On offer are the best interchangeable lens cameras which are less bulky than the dSLR's but come with interchangeable lenses and offer topnotch image quality.

Due to the mirrorless design they are significantly lighter than the dSLR's and can appeal to the beginner turning enthusiast user. For eg the highly acclaimed SONY NEX series is touted as the lightest interchangeable lens camera in the market today and packs a punch with it's advanced features and sensor. However the lens market for the ILC's is just picking up and the lenses for these cameras can be quite costly, so make a judicious choice before buying.

From the entry-level dSLR stable there are a lot of choices from the stalwarts like Canon, Nikon and Sony. Avid photographers who want more creative control over their pictures and the flexibility of using a host of available lenses would want to invest in the new SLR's in the market today. The dSLR's have advanced sensors for unmatched image quality. However at the sub-800$ range only a kit lens may be included and you need to dig deeper into your pocket to get a full range of lenses.

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