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Even the top monitors for movies can not of course compete with a full blown 40" or higher television but it's great for college dorms and smaller rooms where having a HDTV is out of the question. The best thing about today's monitors is that their performance is not limited to just internet browsing, but can give some great movie and gaming performance too.

If you want the best of display for your movie monitor we suggest an LED screen with a matte finish. LED backlighting has several advantages from greater contrast ratios to better colour depth, while the matte screen eliminates the glare you'd otherwise face due to ambient light. In addition A TFT active matrix screen is much recommended for various reasons. In a TFT active matrix monitor Thin Film Transistors are used inside the LCD screen to control each pixel resulting in brighter screens with better contrasts and more vibrant images. Additionally, these monitors also have a much faster response time than others since there is a lot more control over the pixels.

With the high refresh rates offered by these monitors, you can watch your favorite sports and action movies with no motion blur. The best monitors for movies have a good brightness output and are capable of displaying deep blacks backed by a colour depth of around 16 million colours to give you excellent contrast and rich grayscale performance as well.

We haven't mentioned much about contrast ratios because there's currently no industry standard for it and hence those values are more misleading than helpful. However, if this seems like an important point to you, it's best to visit a store and check the contrast performance in person.

Our list below of the top movie monitors has been narrowed down to the highly rated models with at least a 20 inch screen size, so scroll down to view specs, price and watch video reviews.

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