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The best printer for businesses are typically Laser printers and focus on providing professional quality prints at high speeds and capable of a rigorous workload with the least noise possible. Inkjets are typically unadvisable for businesses as they have a slower print speeds even though they are much cheaper and are great for photos.

Printing machines in industries must have a minimum resolution of 1200x1200 to give you industry quality prints - though some of the higher end models have a resolution of 4800x1200.

The best printers for businesses need to have a B&W speed of atleast 40-60 ppm and colour printing speed of 35-40 ppm. Also critical is duplex mode that saves paper cost by allowing you to print on both sides.

Additionally the best printers for businesses can not be restricted to one particular system and so must necessarily have a “workgroup” feature, enabling multiple systems to be connected to it.

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