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Beautiful design, excellent usability and good quality are the key highlights of some of the best Samsung smartphones. Top selling options are the latest Android supported Samsung phones.

Samsung has recently taken the smartphone market by storm. The smartphones from Samsung mainly come with the Android OS and occasionally with other proprietary OSs (Bada, Windows Phone OS etc).

Most popular carriers support almost all Samsung smartphones and offer attractive contracts too. Samsung offers a good choice of smartphones catering the mid range and high end consumers.

However, the performance of low cost Samsung phones might be a turn-off with overly simple functions and poor usability.

Samsung Galaxy S6


1. Samsung Galaxy S6    $685 - $1,000

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge    $815 - $1,250

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4    $700 - $1,050

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


4. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge    $840 - $1,300

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active


5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active    $580 - $700

Buying tips to find the Best Samsung Cell Phone of 2015

Some key facts about Samsung:
1. Samsung is a Korea based company and presently has a global market share of over 22%.
2. The latest addition to its flagship series of Galaxy S phones is the highly reviewed Galaxy S II (high-end all rounder).

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