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The best Asus monitors are designed for performing everyday tasks like playing games, and watching videos. LCD, LED and LED 3D are among the brand's basic monitor types being manufactured and their sizes range from 17 inch to 19 inch (regular) and 19 inch to 27 inch (widescreen). Apart from the conventional 1920 x 1080 resolution screens, Asus also produces the best LED monitor screens with four times the HD resolution: 2560 x 1400, termed as Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD).

A webcam, USB ports and memory card slots are some of the other interfaces mounted on these Asus monitors. LCD technology on Asus monitors deploy PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) panels for faster response times, greater viewing angle up to 178 degree and greater color reproductions.

Proprietary technologies like Splendid Video Intelligence Technology (or sometimes just Splendid) and Asus Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) have been implemented on Asus monitors.

Integrating different multimedia data sources, Splendid basically works on reducing noise to provide sharper display and videos with better contrast ratios. Splendid also helps in quick image settings like setting filters for different scenarios, games, including three types of colors to produce different skin tones.
ASCR is Asus' dynamic contrast ratio designed to display a more defined image while watching videos having darker shades/shot in darker environments.

Asus' product classification includes five series' of monitors: Essential, Communication, Visual Professional, Enthusiast and Productivity series of monitors.

The Asus Essential series of monitors have been designed for a greater visual experience. With a 2 ms response time and smooth playback characteristics, these monitors are ideal for games, videos and movies. For a clean and clutter free set up these monitors are also designed with cable management systems. Asus Essential monitors have display sizes ranging from 17 inch to 27 inch and have the letters VE, VH, VS or VW in their product names.

As the name suggests, the Asus Communication series of monitors have specifically been designed to support video conversations like video capturing, chatting and sharing. USB ports, Webcams and microphones are embedded on these displays and these monitors support 1080p full HD video playback. Search for the VK series of Communication monitors in our Asus best product list.

Asus Enthusiast (VG) is a series of 3D monitors using NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. Designed specifically for entertainment purposes, these monitors have a separate hot key on their bezels and also have polarized 3D glasses included in the package.

The Asus Visual Professional series (PA series) of monitors are ideal for professional graphic and video designers, since they are designed for high color accuracy with nearly complete colour reproduction of source (98 -100% ).

The Asus Productivity (VS/VB) series of monitors are. the LED monitors for business use with an aspect ratio of 16:10. These monitors can also be used as displays at office environments.

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Asus PA249Q LCD Monitor


1. Asus PA249Q    $472

Asus Vg248qe 3d Monitor


2. Asus VG248QE    $210

Asus PB278Q


3. Asus PB278Q    $400

ASUS VX238H Monitor


4. ASUS VX238H    $185

ASUS VS207T-P Monitor


5. ASUS VS207T-P    $99

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