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Bridge cameras basically bridge the functionalities and features of digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs, i.e., professional cameras) and point-and-shoot cameras (consumer cameras), hence these cameras are also called as Prosumer cameras. Combining the essential features of both these cameras, these cameras make the advanced features pocketable.

With the features of DSLR cameras, the best Bridge cameras come in smaller sizes and their weight comparable to those of compact cameras or mini DSLRs. To complement this sleekness, some of the features like optical viewfinder and interchangeable lens have been eliminated. Instead of optical viewfinders, the Bridge cameras rely on electronic viewfinders.

The best Bridge cameras are known for their versatile feature support like manual controls and optical zooming options. The ability to control the values like shutter speed, aperture and ISO support the creativity and making the photographs captured by the Bridge cameras look professional. Also, these cameras have ultra-zooming capabilities helpful for nature or wildlife photography.

Cheaper than the DSLRs, some of the best Bridge cameras support external flash, called as hotshoe for more control over lighting: and such cameras are also called as Hybrid cameras. And typically, to suit the usage during different lighting conditions, the Bridge cameras offer suitable sensor sizes and allow manual control over ISO settings.

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