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The greatest benefit of using Cordless phones is mobility. You can take it anywhere and attend to a call while at the same time perform other chores. But these cordless phones are less reliable as you move away from the telephone base, because the reception of radio signals from the handset decreases with distance.

Sound Quality & Frequency range:
The sound quality when using cordless phones depends on the range of frequencies used to transmit the radio signals. You can buy a Dect 6.0 or a 2.4-GHz frequency cordless phone for the best sound quality and range. These frequencies have increased the distance over which a cordless phone can operate. It has also increased security as other people cannot eavesdrop on your conversation using a radio scanner which is common in 900MHz frequency phones.

A basic cordless phone with 900MHz frequency provides acceptable sound quality and range of operation. But security is low compared to 2.4 or 5.8 GHZ cordless phones as anyone can listen to your conversations.

Features & Design:
Many cordless phones have one main base station and can extend up to 3 or 4 additional bases. This allows for conference calls between the bases also allows multiple handsets to be used at the same time. The extra handsets can have an outside conversation due to this multiline feature present in these phones.

Cordless phones offer the same call features that are present in regular phones such as call hold, call waiting, caller ID etc. Some cordless phones have a speed dialer facility, answering machines with 10-15 minutes of recording time. While other phones even offer slow playback option where you can slow the playback speed by about 30% to listen to the messages. To be rated among the top, all these phones should have a backlit keypad during dim light usage, LCD display for showing the callers ID or to access the features of the phone.

Cordless phones with DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) operating at 1.9GHz provide the best sound quality and range. It ensures that other wireless networks & physical obstacles such as walls or partitions does not interfere with your conversation.

The cordless handset is powered by a rechargeable battery. You should choose a cordless phone which has a talk time of atleast 10 hrs and standby time in the range of 7 - 25 days when the battery is fully charged. Cordless phones do not work when power is disrupted. Since there is no power to the base station it cannot transmit the radio signals to the handsets.

The best cordless phones which offer good reception at greater distances while at the same time providing security to your conversation is listed below.

Panasonic KX-TG7745S Cordless Phone


1. Panasonic KX-TG7745S    $120

Panasonic KX-TG4743B Cordless Phone


2. Panasonic KX-TG4743B    $86

Panasonic KX-TG4732B Cordless Phone


3. Panasonic KX-TG4732B    $96

VTech CS6609 1-Handset Landline Telephone


4. VTech CS6609    $13

Clarity C410 900 MHz 1-Line Cordless Phone


5. Clarity C410    $7.95

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