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Despite cell phones being the most widely used forms of communication at present, the landline phones are still making their presence felt by offering features such as teleconferences, good sound quality, reliability, connectivity, recording messages etc.

Types of Phones

There are various choices available when buying the best landline phone. Whether it is corded or cordless, for home or office use, it depends on your personal needs. There are phones which are a combination of both corded and cordless variants. Here a main corded base phone is assisted by cordless phones. A convenient feature for large families living in big homes or for business establishments. Landline phones can also be wall mounted or desk bound. While the corded phones are fixed to a given location, cordless phones offer mobility to take your calls anywhere within your home.

Basic features of Landline Phones

Any telephone should offer the basic call features such as call hold, call waiting, caller ID. Phones with answering machines and intercom facility are a good option for people who are not available at all times. They can listen to the recorded message and respond later. For business use, phones with the call transfer, call waiting, speaker phones, multi line options, are some of the features which are desirable for efficient management of your phone conversations.

For a phone to be considered efficient all of these basic call functionality should be supported by good sound clarity and reception to have a clear conversation. Based on the transmission band the telephones phones offers varying degrees of sound clarity ranging from average to best. The DECT6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) which is a standard specific to cordless phones provide the most sound clarity and greater security from eavesdroppers. It also ensures less interference from other wireless networks and longer ranges for the cordless phone operation.

Even though the battery life is getting better in cell phones, the landline phones are always the foremost choice without having to worry about a dead battery. At present most of the cordless telephones offer a battery life of 10-15hrs with standby time ranging from 7- 25 days.

An important advantage which corded phones have over cordless or IP Phones is that they can be used even during power outages. This is due to the fact that it draws power from the telephone lines and not from your commercial power lines.

The top rated and fast selling phones from leading brands such as Panasonic, AT&T, VTech, Uniden etc offer the basic model priced as low as $20. As more call features are added, the price also ranges from $30 to above $150 for the top end models.

Having this basic idea of what to search for in the best phones which takes into account your basic telephone calling needs, take a look at the top most models listed below whose reviews are rated by the experts.

Clarity Ensemble 58003.001 Touch Screen Phone


1. Clarity Ensemble    $94

Panasonic KX-TG7745S Cordless Phone


2. Panasonic KX-TG7745S    $120

Uniden CEZ202 Slimline Corded Phone


3. Uniden CEZ202    $25

Clarity E814 Phone


4. Clarity E814   

Panasonic KX-TG4743B Cordless Phone


5. Panasonic KX-TG4743B    $67

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